Adult Cookery

Show office hours for entries: Monday 15th to Thursday 18th 7.30pm to 9.30pm, and Friday 19th 10am to 12 noon in sports hall, Cappamore, beside the Community Centre. All other entries & exhibits taken in Show grounds Friday evening 19th between 5.30pm to 9.30pm. Entries can also be make anytime up to Thursday night by email.

1st Prize €15, 2nd Prize €10, 3rd Prize €7                      Entry Fee €3

Class 398       Decorated Cheese Cake

Class 399       Carrot Cake

Class 400       Novelty Cake (will be cut)

Class 401       Biscuit Cake

Class 402       Lemon Drizzle Cake

Class 403       Swiss Roll

Class 404       Banana Cake.

Class 405       6 Gluten Free Queen Cakes

Class 406       Traditional Brown Soda confined to Cappamore.

Class 407       4 Chocolate Chip Muffins

Class 408       4 egg Sponge Sandwich

Class 409       Brown Soda Loaf.

Class 410       Boiled Fruit Cake

Class 411       White Soda Bread.

Class 412       Light Fruit Cake

Class 413       6 plain scones

Class 414       Madeira Cake

Class 415       Brown Soda Bread.

Class 416       Porter Cake

Class 417       4 Chocolate Brownies

Class 418       Oxford Lunch

Class 419       Short crust Apple Tart

Class 420       6 Queen Cakes

Class 421       Harvest Fruit Loaf

Class 422       Short crustRhubarb Tart

Class 423       Cherry Cake

We recommend disposable plates be used, where possible


N.B. Please have screw top covers only on jam

1st Prize €15, 2nd Prize €10, 3rd Prize €7                                    Entry Fee €3

Class 427     Pot of home-made Gooseberry Jam

Class 428     Pot of home-made Blackcurrant Jam

Class 429     Pot of home-made Strawberry Jam

Class 430     Pot of home-made Raspberry Jam

Class 431     Pot of home-made Rhubarb Jam

Class 432     Pot of home-made Jam, any variety not already classed

Class 433     Chutney, any variety

Class 434     Pot of honey harvested at home


1st Prize €15, 2nd Prize €10, 3rd Prize €7                                    Entry Fee €3

Class 435   4 Brown Hen Eggs