Adult Crafts

1st Prize €15, 2nd Prize €10, 3rd Prize €7                                 Entry Fee €3  

Class 500     Crochet work, any children’s garment
Class 501     Crochet work, any adult’s garment
Class 502     Crochet work, any article (fine) and unframed
Class 503     Home made Cushion (filled)
Class 504     Hand embroidered Article, unframed
Class 505     Picture (needlework)
Class 506     Aran Pattern Jumper, Cardigan or Lumber Jacket
Class 507     Lady¹s or Gent¹s hand knitted garment
Class 508     Hand knitted article (Baby Wear)
Class 509     Hand knitted article (Children’s Wear)
Class 510     Handmade toy
Class 511     Patch Work with quilting
Class 512     Homemade outfit for doll
Class 513     Item made from recyclable material
Class 514     Baby’s Knitted Blanket
Class 515     Baby’s Crochet Blanket
Class 516     Home made Tea Cosy
Class 517     Decorated Straw Hat, suitable for Garden Party
Class 518     Vase of Paper Flowers, 3 Stems
Class 519     Craftwork not already classed