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130: Show Pony Brood Mare

Horse Section ➤ Pony Showing Mon 8th Jul 2024 - Fri 16th Aug 2024

4years old and over, not exceeding 148cms., in foal to or with her own foal at foot by a Pony Stallion not exceeding 158cms with Stud Book qualifications as set out below. In the case of a Broodmare with a foal at foot, covering sire must be named and official Pregnancy Certificate produced. Broodmares may not be shown for more than two years in succession without a foal at foot. Mares entered in this class must not be shown under saddle at the same Show on the same day. Pony Stallion Qualification (a) Weatherbys (including purebred Arabs) (b) Arab Stud Book or Anglo Arab Stud Book. (c) Part-Bred Arab Stud Register. (d) Any recognised Pony Stud Book or Register.

- Entry Closing Date Wed. 14th August

- Free admission is restricted to one person per animal (I.P.S. Affiliated)

- No entries taken on Show Day

- Enquiries to Carmel Hayes, call/text 087-1219044

  • Exhibitors please note free admission restricted to one person per animal.
  • Exhibit Nos. to be collected on Show day at horse rings.
  • Passports must be available on Show day for inspection by Steward/Judge.
  • Exhibitors are requested to enter their premises registered no., Pedigree and Breeder.
  • All mares must be 4 years old and older.
  • Foals must be accompanied by mare at all times.
  • All horses/ponies to be led by person 16 years old or older.
  • Classes 102,103, 109 and 110 are part sponsored by Horse Sport Ireland. Relevant exhibitors draw down this funding directly from H.S.I. Further information from Horse Secretary’s office.
  • A Horse or Owner/Exhibitor can only win one Stallion Nomination across classes 102,108 & 109.
  • Horse Enquiries- contact P.J. Ryan 087 6743057

Classes 102-114 will be judged in Ring 1 starting at 11.00am

No entries permitted on day of event.

Ring Area:  
Entry Fee:  
Sat, 17th Aug, 2024
Prizes:   1st - €75.00 , and Paddy Creamer Perpetual Trophy , 2nd - €50.00 , 3rd - €25.00 , 4th - Best Foal €20.00 , and Rosette

Winner to receive the Paddy Creamer Perpetual Trophy. Best Foal €20 and a Rosette